HOF Nominations

To assist in the understanding of the Hall of Fame inductions, the nomination process, defined by the following steps, is provided below.

  • Sponsor Submittal – The person making the nomination, the Sponsor, fills out the form as completely as possible. The better information provided the quicker the process. Just submitting a name is not sufficient enough for the process to work effectively.
  • Review – the completed application forms are reviewed for completeness. If questions remain, we will contact sponsor for either further information or other contacts who may be helpful in providing more details.
  • Selection Committee – once all information is completed, a draft write up is submitted to Committee for evaluation. The evaluation is done on an absolute scale, not comparative to others in the process at that time. This insures the long term integrity of the Hall of Fame inductions
  • Candidate Notification – once inducted, either the candidate or the family will be notified to review the write up and to provide the appropriate picture for public posting.
  • Public Posting – once the write up has been approved and picture provided, the candidate will be enshrined on CHSAA’s digital Hall of Fame under a “To be formally inducted” banner as well as the Alumni Face Book page. In addition, local papers will be notified. Posting will be done on a quarterly basis, if warranted.
  • Formal Inductions – will be scheduled every 2 to 3 years depending upon the number of candidate being inducted.

As you will notice, there are a number of steps which take time to execute, all contributing to the over-all processing time.  Other factors include quality of information provided by sponsor and the number of applications which are already entered.  Processing is accomplished on a first come first served basis.

If you are considering being a sponsor, you can assist the process by providing as much information as possible. You can complete the application electronically under the HOF Nomination tab on our website or download the form, print and manually complete. Send completed application to address below or scan completed application and email to mfcavotta@gmail.com.

HOF Chairman
c/o Michael Cavotta
7678 Clay Street
Thompson, OH  44086