A. Eligibility: All graduates, former students and educators of Collinwood High School shall be eligible for membership in the Collinwood High School Alumni Association.
B. Annual & Multi Year Membership: dues and multiple years’ dues for an individual shall be determined yearly at the Annual Meeting by a 50 % vote of the members’ present, due and payable January 1st of the next year. As of 1/1/2009 the annual amount is $8.00 and $15.00 for three years (Revised 7-28-09). As of 1/1/2016 annual dues option was discontinued and an annual surcharge was added to US mail service for newsletters. Rates for 3 year membership is $15.00 email(revised 3/14/2016).
C. Lifetime Membership: dues for an individual shall be $50.00. As of 1/1/16 dues shall be $50.00 email delivery(revised 3/24/2016)
D. Postage Surcharge: An annual $5 surcharge will be levied on ALL new members who receive newsletters via U.S. mail to cover printing and mailing expenses. (Revised 3/14/16)
E. Married Couples: dues for lifetime membership are: IF BOTH persons graduated from Collinwood High School, shall be entitled to one Joint Lifetime Membership. Regarding mailing, there will be only one newsletter sent.(revised 7-28-09)
F. Voting Members: are all persons who are current in their membership dues, paid at least seven (7) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Voting is restricted to non-financial matters only(revised 3/24/2016).
G. Meeting Notifications: voting Members will be notified of all annual and/or General Meetings of the CHSAA. They must be present at such meeting to vote on all business matters.
H. Removal of Dues: Annual Members that reach their 80th birthday and have been paid members for the last three years will become fully paid LIFETIME members. (Added 7/29/09) Age increased to 85th birthday (revised 3/24/2016).


A. Board: Trustees shall constitute the whole Board. The then-sitting Board shall from time to time determine the numbers of Trustees. However, the number shall never be less than eight (8). (Revised 4-27-99)
B. Elections: Trustees shall be elected at the Annual Meeting for a term of three (3) years. Trustees may not be elected for more than (2) consecutive full terms. One-third of the Board shall be elected each year.
C. Management: Affairs and business of the CHSAA shall be managed by the Board who shall exercise such powers in a lawful manner for the benefit of the CHSAA.
D. Meetings: regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held at such times and places as determined by the resolution of at least a majority of the Board at a duly convened meeting. At the discretion of the Board, other persons may be invited to attend meetings.
E. Majority: At all meetings of the Board, a majority of the Trustees shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. The actions of the majority at such meetings shall be construed to be the actions of the entire Board.
F. Committees: At least one (1) Trustee shall serve on all committees. The Trustee need not be the Chairperson of the committee.
G. By-Law Amendments: The Board may amend the CHSAA BY-Laws by a majority vote of the Board Members after one readings of the proposed amendment at consecutive meetings. A quorum must be present at the time of the vote. A quorum shall be two-thirds of the Board members. (Revised 7-28-09)
H. Attendance: Trustees must attend four (4) meetings per calendar year. Excused absences will be determined by the then-sitting President of the CHSSA. (Amended Sept 2000)
I. Removal: Trustee Removal from office for “just cause” will be replaced by a vote of the remaining Trustees with the consent of the candidate. (Amended Sept 2000). Just Cause shall be defined as not performing duties outlined in Position Description which may change from time to time (added 3/24/2016).
J. Trustee Emeritus: a title to be bestowed upon a long-standing member and Trustee who has exhibited strong support of the organization in one or more capacities. The Trustee Emeritus would have no voting privileges as a Trustee, but full voting power as a member of CHSAA. (Voted March 29, 2005, Added Sept 27, 2005)
K. Financial Issue Voting: Trustees and Officers will be only groups voting on financial matters of CHSAA.
L. Communications: Trustee must be willing to check email once/week and be supportive of website and social media such as Face Book(added 2/24/2016).


A. Annual Elections: The Board shall elect annually by ballot, from their midst, a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be the Officers of the CHSAA. The Board may appoint subordinates or assistant officers (ire. Assistant Secretary) and committee members to aid the duly elected Trustees toward the completion or their duties.
B. Trustee Continuance: If an Officer can no longer be elected as a Trustee, due to the “two term rule” (see Section II, Paragraph B) – and if there is absolutely no one available to fill that Office – then by a majority affirmative vote of the Board, said Officer may be asked and allowed to continue in his/her present position until (and if) he/she will be eligible to be re-elected as a Trustee in one year.
C. Officer Term: The Officers of the CHSAA shall hold office until their successors are elected, or until any officer has resigned or is removed. Any Officer, elected or appointed, may be removed by the Board with or without just cause, when in its judgment the best interest of the CHSAA is served.
D. Executive Committee: The Officers of the CHSAA shall serve as members of the Executive Committee. The President shall preside as Chairperson or said committee.
E. President: shall preside at all CHSAA regular meetings and shall manage the general business of the CHSAA.
F. Vice-President: shall perform all the duties of the President in the event of absence or disability of the President.
G. Secretary: shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings, both regular and special, of the Board. The Secretary shall attend all Board meetings as well as Executive Committee meetings and General Membership meetings, and record the minutes or said meetings in a book to be kept for such purpose.
H. Treasurer: shall be custodian of the CHSAA funds and disbursements belonging to the CHSAA. The Treasurer shall disburse the funds of the CHSAA as directed by the Board, and shall present to the President and the Board at its regular meeting, of whenever requested, a full and accurate account of the financial condition to the CHSAA. The Treasurer shall be subject to an annual independent audit under the auspices of the Board.
I. Principal: of Collinwood High School shall appoint a Coordinator of Alumni Affairs. The Coordinator shall advise the CHSAA regarding administration policies as it affects alumni projects and programs.
J. Coordinator: shall act as liaison between the CHSAA and the current Collinwood High School Principal. The Coordinator shall participate in all meetings of the CHSAA, regular and special, and shall voice opinions as though the Principal has spoken. The Coordinator, however, shall not have the power to vote on issues before the CHSAA.


A. Annual Meeting: of CHSAA shall be held between September 1st and October 31st of each year.
B. Regular Meetings: of the Board of Trustees shall be held on the last Tuesday of odd-numbered months… ire. January. March, July September and November.
C. Other Meetings: When necessary may be called by one or more of the Officers, with the approval of the majority of the Board.


Each fiscal year of CHSAA shall be from January 1st through December 31st.


Prior to August 1st of each year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least two (2) members. This Committee will be charged with the responsibility of securing nominations for the Board of Trustees, for the Election to be held at the Annual Meeting in September or October. Any member in good standing may be nominated, provided his/her consent to serve has been obtained by the committee.

Added 3/2011

To recognize outstanding and influential alumni who have made great achievements in their chosen field. The Hall of Fame is a way to promote school pride, spirit and community support.

The Hall of Fame Committee consists of a chairman appointed by the president and approved by the Board. A selection committee of four additional persons shall be appointed by the Chairman from the members of CHSAA and/or a Faculty Advisor to the Alumni for a total Committee of five members.

1. Candidates must have graduated fifteen years before the induction ceremony. They must have achieved outstanding success and recognition within their field.
2. Awards will be given but not required or limited to Art and Music, Business, Education, Government , Law Enforcement, Medicine/Technology, Science, Math, Sports and Community Affairs.
3. Each member of the Hall of Fame Committee will have one vote. A majority vote rules.
4. If Living(revised 3/24/2016), the Candidate must attend the induction ceremony. If for a valid reason (i.e. sickness, death in the family) the candidate cannot attend the ceremony, a qualified representative who shall be a close relative, fellow graduate or legal representative shall accept the award for the Candidate/Inductee.
5. If item 4. above is not met or if conduct detrimental to the Hall of Fame, CHSAA, Collinwood High or the community takes place an Inductee can be removed by majority vote of the Committee.
6. Nominees shall be processed in order as they are submitted. If nominee is voted in to HoF, they will be announced in News Letters and on social media (Website, Face Book, etc.) and be listed in Pro Tem section of website. Movement to actual HoF will be done after induction ceremony(revised 3/24/2016).
7. Formal Awards ceremony will be conducted no less than every two (2) years or when a sufficient number of Pro Tem candidates are available. Ceremony may be in concert with other formal events such as Grand Reunions. If the later, ceremony will be separate and aside from primary event (revised 3/24/2016).