In a direct response to sponsors submitting candidates for the Collinwood Hall of Fame, we have recently modified the induction process. Previously, candidates would be vetted and every 2 to 3 years those being inducted would be informed of induction and invited to the Hall of Fame ceremony. Due to the long period of time between these events, sponsors would not know status until the event. In response to suggestions we now continually accept and process candidates and those being inducted will be announced on a quarterly basis and designated Pro Tem until the actual induction. Then they will become listed with the complete Hall of Fame membership.


CHS Hall OF FAME – (pro tem-second quarter 2017)

Ted Huffman (Community Service))

Ted HuffmanTed Huffman has over 39 years of experience as a Firefighter and Paramedic in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). His consulting expertise includes development of the EMS System for Jefferson Rescue, coordination of the EMT-Basic Accreditation program for the American Red Cross, and presently, as Director of the Fire Academy at Cuyahoga Community College. Additionally, Ted served as both Co-Chairperson and Committee Chairperson for Rules and Regulations on the State of Ohio EMS Board.

Mr. Huffman’s extensive background includes serving as Acting Lieutenant, Firefighter and Paramedic for the Cleveland Heights Fire Department for 23 years, where he commanded the engine company during fire and rescue operations, provided Advanced Life Support to community members, as well as educational resources to community and firefighters. Ted also worked as Police First Aid Instructor for the Cleveland Heights Police Academy, where he provided training for police recruits. He also has experience providing critical incident assistance in conjunction with the Cuyahoga County Critical Incident Team of Cuyahoga County. Additionally, Ted has served as a Flight Paramedic for University Hospitals, where he provided in-flight treatment to patients in critical care situations.

Mr. Huffman is dedicated to promoting research and development in his field, acting as EMS Coordinator for the Pediatric Trauma Center at University Hospitals, where he assisted with the development of the Trauma Center, and provided valuable research in Pediatrics. Additionally, Ted served as EMS Education Coordinator for UHHS Geauga Regional Hospital, where he provided leadership and training for volunteer firefighter and EMS providers, and managed various Paramedic programs.

Ted graduated from Collinwood High School in June, 1973. He went on to receive his Paramedic degree from Cuyahoga Community College, and has additional training in Pediatric Emergency Services. He has served as Instructor for various courses, including Paramedics, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Basic Trauma Life Support, CPR and Survivalink AED. Ted served in the United States Army as a Communication Specialist prior to his career as a Consultant, Instructor, Firefighter, Paramedic, and Emergency Medical Services provider.

In the fifteen years that Mr. Huffman has been Director of the Fire Training Programs, he and his staff, along with the financial assistance of Cuyahoga Community College, have developed Tri-C’s Fire Academy into one of the largest, most professional and respected fire training academies in Ohio. In the Fall of 2014 the Public Safety Training Center at the Western Campus opened as a regional facility for the training of Police, Fire, EMS, and High School Public Safety students.

Victor Y. Mathews (Community Service)

Victor MathewsVictor Y. Mathews worked 47 years with Lincoln Electric after graduating from Collinwood High School in June of 1963. He retired on January 1, 2010 as a Global Customer Service Specialist responsible for all Cleveland made products worldwide. He started as a production welder in June of 1963 and completed all of the welding classes offered at the Lincoln Welding School. Victor spent 13 years in consumable R & D and he is listed as inventor on patents in 8 countries for welding processes used in ship building. Lincoln Electric honored Victor with the “Employee of the Year Award” in 1995. He is also twice past president of the Lincoln Electric Employee’s Association.

Victor holds an Associate degree in Electricity and Electronics from Devry Institute and a Management Degree from John Carroll University.

Victor was the 2009 National President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Welding Society(AWS), the codifying body for the welding profession in the Americas, with 72,000 members. He is a Counselor/Fellow of AWS and a life member. He has received the Distinguished Member, Section and District Meritorious Awards and he is the Past Chairman and Past Secretary of the Cleveland Section of the AWS.

Victor retired as Chairman of Commission XIV (Education & Training) of the International Institute of Welding, consisting of 56 member countries.

Victor’s other activities include:

Firefighter/ EMT-I for Russell Fire Department-25 yrs. and still active.

Hazmat Technician for Chagrin Southeast-Type 1 Team (Division of Homeland Security).

Current EMS Instructor for Lincoln Electric’s First Responder Program and their State Certified Fire Safety Inspector.

Officer on the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services. Retired after 10 years of service.

Founding Member and past President of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) – Geauga County Affiliate.

Commissioned Stephen Minister at Mayfield Church in Chesterland.

Court Administrator for Geauga County Juvenile Court. Director of Family Life Improvement Program (F.L.I.P.)

Married 52 years in June 2017 with three children, two grandsons (Dominic born Dec.21,2010 and Hunter born Jan. 27 2013).

Mr. Carl Toth (Art)

carl tothCarl Toth was born on December 7, 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Hazeldell Elementary School and graduated from Collinwood High School in January, 1966. Carl’s great interest growing up was photography. Carl was a staff photographer for the Collinwood school newspaper, The Spotlight, as well as for multiple school yearbooks. His first summer job was with Raimor Studios where most everyone from Collinwood got their school picture.

Carl was accepted in 1966 to the photography department at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology. There he received an Associate in Applied Science degree in photography. Carl then attended the State University of New York in Buffalo where he earned BA degree in English and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography. After graduation, Carl became Head of the department of Photography at the Cranbrook Academy of Art for graduate level art students. While there he taught studio courses and led seminars which explored the relationship of literature, poetry, literary theory and cinema to still photography and photomontage. Carl has been awarded three fellowships by the National endowment for the Arts and three Creative Artist Grants by the Michigan Council for the Arts.

Carl applied his learning and teaching skills to produce a truly impressive body of photographic excellence. He has had one-person exhibitions at institutions like the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House, the Visual Studies Workshop. The Center for Creative Photography, the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, Northlight Gallery, the Cranbrook Art Museum, Light Gallery, and the Pace-MacGill Gallery. Carl’s work has been exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Neew Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, the Addison Gallery of American Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Australian National Gallery. Carl’s work is on display in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the International Museum of Photography, The Australian National Gallery, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Carl has lectured on numerous occasions at prestigious facilities around the world and his teachings were widely accepted in the world of Photography. Reviews and discussions of Carl’s body of work have appeared in several publications including Artform, The New York times, Newsweek, The New Art Examiner, Dialog and the Time-Life Photography Series: “A Century of Images”, broadcast national on PBS in the fall of 1999.

Carl was a much loved and highly respected teacher and artist. Many of his students went on to be teachers and some are even thriving artists like himself. Carl was a member of the Society for Photographic Education and was named their Honored Educator in 2006. This is a true reflection of the admiration and love his colleagues and students have for Carl and his art work.

CHS HALL OF FAME – (pro tem-second quarter 2016) April 17, 2017

Peter P. Ducosky, Government

PeterPDucoskyPeter P. Ducosky was the first born son of Polish immigrant farmers, in Pennsylvania, in 1892.  He served our country in the Merchant Marines and in the US Army.  After he married, Peter and his beloved wife Stella, moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he began a 32 year career as a pipefitter with the New York Central Railroad in the Collinwood Yards. Peter was one of the founders, and first Charter Member, of the American Legion Post 999 located on East 152nd Street.  Peter, and his wife, were active members of the American Legion throughout their lives. Post 999 was proud of its support of our troops during WWII, and subsequently, support for European children after the war. Under Peter’s leadership, Post 999 surpassed all others in northeastern Ohio for the collection of records for troops, and in the early 50’s, toys for the nationwide American Legion “Tide of Toys” drive.

In 1932, Peter, and four others with Post 999 and New York Central Railroad, built the 999 replica locomotive that the Collinwood Alumni Association has resurrected as a visible reminder of the historical spirit of the Collinwood High School “Railroaders”. The original “999” is historically significant as the first engine to have exceeded 100 miles per hour; it was also known as the “Queen of Speed” and pulled the Empire Express, New York Central’s flagship passenger train. The Legion’s “999” was constructed after hours at the Collinwood Yards.  This miniature locomotive served Collinwood well – not only for the American Legion, but also as good advertisement for the New York Central Railroad.  The “999” appeared in many parades in Cleveland, and across the country. The fact that the “999” is in our service today, is a testament to the excellence of its construction, as led by Peter. In the 1940’s Peter oversaw construction of an even larger engine for the Forty and Eight.  The fate of this larger engine is unknown.

Peter was also a member and leader of the local Forty and Eight Chapter, Voiture 11, a charitable honor organization of US Veterans. The Forty and Eight’s purpose is to uphold and defend the United States Constitution to promote the wellbeing of veterans and their widows and orphans, and to actively participate in selected charitable endeavors including programs to promote child welfare and nurses training. These were all worthwhile activities that Peter participated in to the benefit of his community.

Peter passed away in 1974, a man proud of his service to our country, proud of his charitable endeavors in our community and proud of his charitable work with the American Legion and the Forty and Eight. To honor that service, he went to his eternal rest proudly wearing his uniform.

Paul Gill, Chairman, Hall of Fame

CHS HALL OF FAME – (pro tem-second quarter 2016) April 24, 2017

John Sercel, Major USAF Government

  JohnSercelJohn Sercel, Major USAF, graduated from Collinwood High School in 1950.  Following graduation John initially enlisted the Navy. In 1952, he switched to the Air Force. He was accepted to the USAF Aviation Cadet program, completed that training and became a 2nd Lieutenant. Following graduation from the Air Force’s Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) program, 2Lt Sercel became an F-86 fighter pilot and was a assigned to Landstuhl Air Base in Germany. Lt Sercel flew missions in Europe as part of the US commitment to the fledgling North Atlantic Treaty Organization, supporting such activities as the US response to the Hungarian Missile Crisis. Many other tours of duty took Sercel around the globe, as he proudly served his country in Germany, Japan, Viet Nam Korea and The United States. Major Sercel really distinguished himself with his actions in the Viet Nam war.

Major Sercel was a Super Saber (F-100F) pilot in the 415th Tactical Fighter Squadron during the Viet Nam war. He flew more than 120 combat missions in three tours of duty. As an F-100F pilot, Major Sercel flew missions into North Vietnam escorting aircraft involved in the Rolling Thunder operations. His task, to suppress enemy air defenses, both airborne and ground based, is still considered today as one of the most dangerous missions in that war. Major Sercel was also involved in more than 30 missions as a forward Air controller. In these operations, he flew as an advisor to Republic of Vietnam Forces in battles such as the Ia Drang valley. (‘We Were Soldiers’) where he also supported US Special Forces in those battles. Major Sercel was one of Cleveland’s most decorated pilots in the Viet Nam war.

A few of his prestigious Medals are:

  • The Distinguished Flying Cross;
  • The Air Medal with Five Clusters (each cluster represents another Air Medal); and
  • The Air Force Commendation Medal.

Winston Churchill’s grandson, Sir Spencer Churchill, was a British War Correspondent, who was reporting on the war for both British and US publications. He wrote several articles about the Viet Nam war for LOOK magazine. When the USAF offered to provide Churchill with a bird’s eye view of the air war, he was lucky to fly with Major Sercel on a combat mission. Churchill in his article, portrayed Sercel as “the brawny, jovial-faced Major from Cleveland, Ohio” in an issue of LOOK magazine. He was one of a great many people that were impressed with the way Major Sercel conducted himself in the service of his country. Major Sercel was also a combat leader. As a flight commander, he was a leader and a teacher to many young fighter pilots coming into the service. In particular, to officers who were then graduating from the first class of the then new USAF Academy. Many of these young officers would later become senior level leaders in the USAF and credit their success to John’s style of leadership by example.

Major Sercel retired from the Air Force after 20 years of distinguished service. Prior to his retirement, he served as an F-100 Super Saber fighter-bomber academic instructor, as operations officer for the 416th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron; part of the 58th Tactical Training Wing at Luke Air Base in Arizona. He continued to fly after the Air Force as the Chief Pilot for Cessna Corporation’s East Coast Jet Marketing Division. In that capacity, he led his company’s efforts in aircraft flight demonstration and sales of Cessna Citation Business Jets all over the world.

This will be a posthumous reward because John was deceased at the young age of 45 in a tragic 1977 traffic accident. Major Sercel was a proud family man with who left a widow and five sons. His legacy lives on with his granddaughter Kimberly who became an AF pilot following a service academy education. Kimberly attended joint Navy-AF pilot training at Pensacola NAS and now flies as an instructor pilot, in the Lockheed Martin C-130J. Like her grandfather, she also has 3 combat tours of duty to her credit, with missions into Afghanistan and other parts of Southwest Asia. She credits her desire to serve her nation, from stories growing up that she heard of her grandfather’s exploits and heroism.

Many CHS graduates remember those turbulent times as the United States struggled with the war in Viet Nam.  We are proud to call Major John Sercel a fellow CHS classmate. John Sercel graduated from Collinwood High School in 1950.  Following graduation John initially joined the Navy. In 1952 he enlisted in the Air Force Flight School where he was commissioned. John proudly served his country in Germany, Japan, Viet Nam and The United States. Major Sercel really distinguished himself with his actions in the Viet Nam war.

Many CHS graduates remember those turbulent times as the United States struggled with the war in Viet Nam.  We are proud to call Major John Sercel a fellow CHS classmate. John Sercel graduated from Collinwood High School in 1950.  Following graduation John initially joined the Navy.  In 1952 he enlisted in the Air Force Flight School where he was commissioned.  John proudly served his country in Germany, Japan, Viet Nam and The United States.  Major Sercel truly distinguished himself with his actions in the Viet Nam war.

Paul Gill, Chairman, Hall of Fame

CHS HALL OF FAME – (pro tem-second quarter 2016) April 13, 2016 (Preliminary Biography)

Barbara “Bobbie” Janet Joslin Thielemann (Educator-Community Activist)

TheilemannBarbara attended Memorial Elementary, Patrick Henry Jr. High, and graduated from CHS in January 1952.  She went on to attend Washington University at St. Louis graduating in May 1956 with a BA degree in Education.  She did her post-graduate work at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville and obtained her Masters Degree in Education in May 1992.

Barbara began teaching the 2nd grade at Euclid Ohio Central Elementary from 1956 to 1957.  She next taught grades 2 – 6 for Gifted Math and Language Arts at Roxana Illinois from 1957-1995.  She served as District Curriculum Chair and as Director of the Madison County Teacher Center (one of four in the state).  Barbara was one of only forty-four selected to be Illinois Teacher of the year in 1976.  She was appointed Impact I Teacher Disseminator for Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in spring 1991.  Barbara was selected in 1992 by “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers”.  She was Director of the Gilpin County Colorado Library from 1995 to 2000; Member Children’s Book Council, New York, from 1996 to 2000; and Eisenhower People to People Ambassador and Education Consultant for China and Cuba/Nassau in 2000.

Barbara’s passion was not limited to Education.  After retiring and becoming a widow, she resolved to give back to the community that had given her so much.    She Established and volunteered in the Central City Visitor Center from 2000 to 2007.  The Center is now run by the City of Central.

Next from 2001 to 2005 Barbara established Main Street Central – a community program of the Colorado Community Revitalization Assoc., a National Main Street Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Barbara is a current Board Member of the Gilpin Historical Society; Hostess for Fall Season Victorian Teas; former Docent for the historical Thomas Billings House; Docent for St. James United Methodist Church, and participant in many Cemetery Crawl and Creepy Crawls.

She is has been a Trustee from 2006 to the present for the Gilpin County Arts Assoc. and a past Historian, and a Corresponding Secretary from 2011 to the present; a Docent and teacher of gold panning from 2005 to the present for the Hidee Gold Mine; a Gilpin County Election Judge/Supervisor serving the Primary and General elections for many years by assisting in training judges and students in the election process.

CHS HALL OF FAME – (pro tem-first quarter 2016)  January 26, 2016

KAForrest.pngKatherine (Alden) Forrest (Sciences – Medicine)

Katherine graduated from CHS in June 1959.  She went on from CHS to obtain B.A., cum laude, from Harvard College on a General Motors Scholarship, an M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School, and an M.P.H. from Harvard School of Public Health.  She had postgraduate training in both gynecology and pathology and is Board Certified in Public Health and Preventive Medicine.  She has been licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and California. She is now retired.

Katherine was an Assistant Professor of Public Health and Medical Computer Science at Yale University School of Medicine from 1974-1977.  During that time she was the Founder and Director of Yale’s Office for Women in Medicine.  Also during that period she was a consultant and trainer at the International Training Center at the University of Connecticut in Hartford, where she was a key figure in policy and planning for a new statewide family planning training network.

Katherine and her family moved to California in 1977 where she became the Medical Director and Director of Clinical Research at the Planned Parenthood Ass’n of Santa Clara County in San Jose, CA.  In addition to caring for patients and managing the medical staff, she initiated and promoted clinical services for men, the first such program for men anywhere in the country.  She also initiated a clinical trial research program, in which many diagnostic procedures and therapeutic products were studied.  For three years she had the honor of serving as a member of the National Medical Committee of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  From 1977- 1982 she was also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Family, Community, and Preventive Medicine at Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

At the end of 1983, Katherine left the staff of Planned Parenthood to become a full-time medical and marketing consultant.  From 1983 through 2005, she was a medical consultant on many projects in the areas of clinical design and supervision, product safety, marketing of medical products and services, marketing research, strategic planning and training.  She also provided medical, scientific, and marketing analysis to support functions including product acquisitions, product line extension, labeling and medical communications.  She designed and supervised clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics industries and was the Principal Investigator on 28 clinical trials.  From 1990-1993, she held Medical Director Positions in Clinical Investigation, International Marketing, and New Product Planning at the pharmaceutical company Syntex.

Also from 1990-1993, she planned and conducted psychological research as a Principal Research Scientist at the non-profit American Institute for Research.  In that role, she was the principal investigator on two major NIH-sponsored studies of HIV/AIDS risk behavior and condom use among California Hispanics.

As a consultant, Katherine was Medical and Marketing Director of Mayer Laboratories, a start-up consumer health products company, from 1986-1990.  From 1992-2002 she was a member of the Board of Directors of Mayer Laboratories.

Katherine has always been involved in politics and community activities.  During the years 1981-1990, she was a Member and the Research Director for the Stanford Chapter of the Physicians for Social Responsibility. In 2001, with her late husband, Leonard Salle, she co-founded the Commonwealth Institute, a small nonprofit research and education think tank dedicated to strengthening the progressive movement in the United States.  After completing much of its work, Katherine resigned from the Board in 2011.  Since 2009, she has been on the Board of Directors of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition, the largest Democratic political organization in Santa Clara County, California.

Katherine has been a speaker and trained at numerous events organized by environmental, health, educational, and political organizations.  Most of her current volunteer activities now focus on the climate change crisis and its global significance for present and future generations

The CHS Alumni Association is happy to recognize Katherine for her impressive body of work in the field of medicine.  We are proud to call you a fellow RAILROADER.

Charles Gill, CHSAA HOF Committee Chairman

marlowe.pngKaren (Marlowe) Campbell

Karen graduated from CHS in January 1958. Despite contracting polio at the age of four, her physician believing she would never walk again, she achieved remarkable athletic success. She was extremely self-conscious about her stunted left leg and, perhaps, overcoming this malady explains why she became such a competitive and driven person. At CHS Karen was inducted into the National Honor Society, graduated fifth in her class and was voted Most Athletic in her class.

Following graduation from CHS, Karen attended Erie Community College and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1977 with an Associate Degree in nursing. She was president of her class. She was hired as charge nurse for a mixed med/surgical unit at Buffalo Children’s Hospital. While working at the hospital she earned her bachelor degree in nursing from Damien College, graduating Magnum Cum Laude in 1985 with the added honor of being listed in the Who’s Who in US colleges. Karen also often served as the encampment nurse for her daughter’s Girl Scout weekend camp trips. When she and her family relocated to Venice, Florida she worked in the oncology ward at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. While at the hospital, she had the unique and pleasurable experience of meeting Dik Browne, writer of the comic strip Hagar the Horrible. She finished her nursing career in 2000. She helped caring for her ill husband who passed in 2006 after 48+ years of marriage.

Early on it was evident that she loved playing softball; first on the streets of Cleveland, then to the playgrounds, and then on to the softball fields. She was on the winning district team from Castalia playground on Cleveland’s East Side. While in Buffalo she played on bar league teams for many years. Out of over 200 teams, her team finished as high as third place. She played on a men’s travelling team in North Carolina for two years through which she discovered the Freedom Spirit of Florida team.

Now at 75 years young she is playing women’s slow pitch softball as a member of the Freedom Spirit of Florida’s women’s 75+ travelling team. The team has competed all over the USA and holds the distinction of being the first 75+ team to play competitively. She acknowledged that her best game was last year when she knocked in the winning run (with two outs and two strikes on her) in the last inning of a game—a “Walk off Win”. She was the MVP for that game. Overall, Karen has earned five national gold medals and a silver and bronze medal for softball. Her team has six members that have been enshrined in the National Softball Hall of Fame.

In July 2015, Karen’s team participated in the 2015 Senior Olympics held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was one of over 10,000 people in this national competition. Although her team had several missing players, it finished winning the Bronze Medal. Karen was instrumental in the team’s success.

Karen’s competitive spirit is an inspiration to all who know her and will no doubt propel her into the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame.

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2014 Hall Of Fame Inductees

 Inductee Name  Graduation
Dr. Tony Adamle 1942 1994 Sports & Medicine
John Atwood 1952 2010 Business
Eppie L. Barney, Jr.  1962  2014  Sports
Erskine L. Bevel 1983 2002 Business
Carl W Brown 1975 2010 Science & Math
Judge Francine M Bruening 1960 2004 Law
Vincent Campanella 1959 2008 Government
Karen Marlowe Campbell 1958 2017 Sports
Joseph Cannavino, Jr. 1953 2004 Sports
Michael Cannavino 1945 2004 Sports
Michael F. Cavotta 1962 2014 Sports/Business
Col. Robert J. Chant 1949 1998 Government
Mario Chiudioni 1948 2008 Community Affairs
James R Cody 1963 2006 Government
Dr John E. Coletta 1952 1996 Medicine
William Compton 1935 1996 Business
Donald Corcelli 1949 1996 Business
Dr John Corina 1946 1998 Music
Silvio Cornachione 1947 2006 Sports
Barbara J. Bailey-Cox  1954  2014 Arts
Charita White Crockom 1971 1994 Educator
Dr John Charles Cutler 1933 1996 Medicine
Primo Del Calzo 1952 2004 Science
Mayor Dan DiLiberto 1966 2004 Government
 Paul A. Disantis 1957 2014 Education
Celia Dolgan 1956 2002 Community Affairs
Peter P. Ducosky Proclamation 2017 Government
Irma Winkel Dugan 1950 1996 Communications
Florence Mclean Duncan 1944 2008 Arts
Paul Falzone 1963 2008 Law Enforcement
Felix A. Fatica  1953 2014 Business/Sports
Katherine Alden Forrest 1959 2017 Medicine
Dr. Hudson DeMott Fowler, Jr., MD 1930 2006 Medicine
Dr Richard Fratianne 1950 2002 Medicine
Judge Norman Fuerst 1942 1996 Law
John Galovic 1964 2010 Educator
Dr. Donna Graves McClendon 1972 1998 Law Enforcement
David Griffin 1980 2006 Business
Col. Alan J Grill 1949 2008 Government
Barbara Naugle-Grubb  1958 2014 Community Affairs
Wallace Guenther 1952 1996 Sports
Col. James Hannam 1959 2010 Government
Dr Charles Harper 1974 1996 Medicine
Valerie Bradley Hicks 1971 1998 Business
William Hilbrink 1946 2010 Art and Music
Dr. Herbert Hochhauser, Ph.D. 1955 2006 Educator
Daniel J. Hrvatin 1952  2014 Arts/Business
Ted Huffman 1973 2017 Community Service
Jonathan Iafeliece 1970 1996 Business
Domenick Iammarino 1958 2010 Sports
Dr Albert Iosue 1958 2004 Medicine
Senator Jeffrey D. Johnson 1976 1996 Government
Allan V. Johnson 1952 2000 Community Service
The Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones 1967 1994 Law
Barbara “Bobbie” Janet Joslin Thielemann 1952 2017 Educator-Community Activist
James J Kozel 1945 2002 Business
Richard Latessa 1947 2006 Art and Music
Fred J. Lekson  1948 2014 Business
John S. Lekson, Major General 1935 2014 Government/Military
Thomas Mackar 1967 1998 Educator
William Martin Proclamation 1998 Proclamation
Victor Y. Mathews 1963 2017 Community Service
Dr. Ernest Mazzaferri 1954 1998 Science
Patricia Mell 1971 1996 Educator
Lu Ann Mitchell 1975 2000 Law
James B. Morgan 1947 2000 Business
Theo Morrow 1963 2010 Sports
Fred R. Nance, Sr. 1943 2006 Business
John Opie Proclamation 1994 Proclamation
Anthony Palermo, Jr. 1944 2006 Technology
Samuel F. Palumbo 1951 1996 Business
Domenic Pannitto 1953 2002 Sports
Gino Paoloni Proclamation 1996 Proclamation
Michael D. Polensek 1969 1996 Government
Jack Reinhardt 1937 2010 Community Affairs
James J. Riley 1956 2014 Arts
William E. Ruse 1953 2000 Science
Edward S. Sadar, M.D.  1961 2014 Medicine
Milton Schalois 1949 2004 Business
Dr. Joanne A. Schoen, M.D. FACOG 1955 2000 Medicine
Jack H. Schron, Sr. Proclamation 2006 Proclamation
Rocco Scotti 1939 2004 Music
Domenic T. Scricca 1949 2002 Government
Dr. Elinor Scricca, Ph.D. 1949 2004 Educator
Major John Sercel, USAF 1950 2017 Government
James R. Sikler 1952 2008 Educator
Ben Silla 1948 2008 Sports
Clarence Sindy 1941 2008 Community Affairs
Colonel Anthony Skur 1949 2000 Government
Dr. Daniel C. Sterns, III 1939 1998 Medicine
Dr. Ronald J. Taddeo, M.D. 1952 2002 Science
Evelyn Jahn Taub 1943 2000 Educator
Commissioner Mildred Teuscher 1951 2004 Government
L. Jack Thomas 1949 2002 Educator
Victoria Mandato Thomas 1949 2008 Educator
Carl Toth 1966 2017 Art
Joseph J. Trivisonno 1953 2000 Sports
Florence Unetich 1940 2000 Art and Music
James Upper 1954 2008 Law Enforcement
Donald Vaccariello  1957 1998 Sports
Urban Vaccariello Proclamation 2000 Proclamation
Johnny Vadnal 1941 2002 Music
Sam Ventura 1949 2006 Community Affairs
Colonel Robert Vidrick 1949 2010 Government
Josephine Bernot Voinovich 1928 1994 Humanitarian
The Honorable George Voinovich 1954 1994 Government
 George W. Waylonis, M.D. 1952  2014 Medicine
Mayethel Sims White 1962 1996 Educator
Danny Williams 1971 1994 Community Affairs
John W. Wood, Sr. 1950 2002 Law Enforcement